Tales From the Old World R&D Showback Review

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Tim and Tanuja make up duo sleepdogs who are currently working on a project called Tales from the Old World. Their evening at Live Theatre was an opportunity for them to share their ideas about the project and gain feedback on the work they’ve done so far. Let’s have a look…

‘Tales from the Old World imagines a post-apocalyptic future. It’s sunset, the audience are outdoors, wearing wireless headphones – and people appear on the horizon, travelling towards them. They’re pilgrims, outcasts, struggling to survive. Some of them carry strange talking boxes that speak of a world long vanished. There’s a quest, a journey, and a battle of wills. It’s a frontier adventure at the end of the world; except no-one can remember exactly how the world ended… unless those talking boxes hold the key…’

Sat apprehensively behind a desk onstage, Tim and Tanuja tell us about their week; they’ve spent it at Live Theatre developing their ideas and story as well as exploring the local area for inspiration. They’ve trekked all over Newcastle to take photos and videos as a sort of virtual mood board. They visited the beach and topped up their tans (when I say tan I actually mean risk of pneumonia), Jesmond Dene, the Shipyards, Segedunum – the list goes on. We are shown an array of photographs collected on their excursions, some beautiful, some intriguing and some downright funny. A personal highlight was a plain stone wall with the word PISSER written on it in graffiti – Newcastle is obviously as charming as ever.

What was it that prompted the duo to create this kind of performance? They explain that they want to create a piece of outdoor theatre that is engaging and intimate, a “cinematic experience”. Chatting about previous and disappointing outdoor performances they’ve already seen, Tim commented that “Most outdoor shows made us want to eat our own eyeballs” – I really hope it turns out well then, because I imagine you’d need a lot of ketchup to make those taste better.
I’m not worried; I think the concept sounds brilliant. If it were a film I’d see it as The Hunger Games meets Wall-E.

Because the project is so new (it is described as a “skeletal outline”) it is difficult for Tim and Tanuja to answer many of the questions in detail; they have told us everything they know. They tell us they need a lot more time (possibly years) to work on the project. I am very happy to have seen it in its earliest stages; I am looking forward to seeing it develop. They’re definitely onto something though, and I for one can’t wait to see the end result. To me, the project feels like a time capsule that hasn’t been invented yet. What do you think?

by Alex Woolley @woolleyjumper1
March Guest Blogger


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