Many a Mickle – Write On Tap and the North East theatre Fringe


On Thursday Geordie visits a public house near the Tyne. He orders a Wylam bitter. He enjoys Northumberland lamb and mint crisps. After an hour a comedian appears. She tickles the drinkers, testing out new gags. Geordie approves.

On Friday Geordie visits another bar. After more beer and an unusually flavoured pie, a spoken word artiste – also called Mickle – trials their fledgling set. In the post-show Q&A Geordie offers advice on assonance and simile.

On Saturday Geordie is at pub number three enjoying a beef and onion Stottie, when a jazz ensemble plumbs his veins with experimental double bass and trumpet. During an interval the band leader asks Geordie’s feedback. “Well now Mickle, let’s say you were grand”.

On Sunday, Monday and Tuesday Geordie is bored. Aye, of course, Geordie likes bands, and comics, and poets. The North East is full of them. But what Geordie really wants is raw theatre.

Don’t misunderstand him; Geordie loves the diverse programmes of Live Theatre and the Northern Stage. He just wants to see North East pubs bulging with dynamic fringe theatre. What Geordie craves is a fabulously focussed writer-led group, putting on completely new work by up-and-coming scribes.

If that group existed, if it pooled acting, directing and writing talent, if it utilised vibrant venues, played to diverse audiences, if it began life as the love-child of Live Writer’s Group graduates from 2012, if it already had a pedigree of previous sold-out performances, if that type of thing existed, well, Geordie would be in drama heaven…

…on Wednesday April 24th 2013, 8pm, Geordie will sit with his local beer and snacks in the Star and Shadow Cinema in Newcastle to see a Write On Tap event. He will delight in eight new short plays, penned by eight talented new writers, performed by a prodigious company of actors. He will rejoice in the energy, the bold risks, and the magnificent eclecticism of new theatre. He will demand details of the next event.

Afterwards, he will say: “I’ve seen many a Mickle but Write On Tap, they are proper Muckle”.

Write On Tap was formed in 2012 by graduates from Live Theatre’s Live Writer’s Group. Join us at the Star & Shadow, on April 24th, 8pm for eight fantastic new plays by Samantha Bell, Ben Dickenson, Jo McCulloch, Stuart Nimmo, Deb Owen, Cormac Russell, Meera Sitaraman and Kim Spence.

We have worked with Arts In Touch, and will be contributing a series of short plays under the theme “what I am with you, what I am without you”, on May 21st, to conclude their Write Up North season at The Bridge Hotel.

Find out more at; See latest news, writer and director biographies at; email us for tickets and info at

by Ben Dickenson
Write on Tap @writeontap


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