Introducing Your Aunt Fanny

It is crazy to think that 5 months ago, 6 hormonal teenage girls would be auditioning for the role of their lives. We’re still waiting to hear back from that one, but the cast of Your Aunt Fanny have simply gotten bigger and better since forming in March.

As a team we have had to overcome some serious hurdles during our time together, such as Brogan’s fear of onions (which are not allowed within the vicinity when she is present), Hawaiian Brian rudely interrupting rehearsals and the constant distraction of wondering what is going cheap in the reduced section of Tesco!

We began rehearsing once a week here at Live and were encouraged to make this our home. We have therefore bitched, whinged and put the world to rights and we hope that this is reflected in some of our sketches. I’d advise you to particularly look out for the ‘Girlsworld’ sketch, in which some very personal and true to life issues are explored…

Despite slight alterations to the original cast, this tightly hand knitted group, of which I am very proud to be part of, are in the final stages of preparing to let Your Aunt Fanny loose to the world. We would like to take this opportunity to state that we are not responsible for any aunty’s actions, be it forcing cups of tea upon audience members, calling “Bingo” in the middle of a sketch or ensuring all participants have clean undies on.

Catch Your Aunt Fanny on Saturday 10 August as part of Party Poppers, Live Theatre’s 14th Youth Theatre Festival #LYTFest13

By Lauren Waine
Member of Your Aunt Fanny


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