Improthon review

Never having been to an improv show before, I was unsure of what to expect. Having heard both horror stories of awkward and unimaginative actors who try desperately to force laughs with on the spot musicals about farms and undeniable praise for the well-received Suggestibles I was very curious as to how the night would unfold.

The set was similar to a game show, with a red and a blue team, wearing professionally sharpie-personalised t-shirts, who were judged by a panel of experts on the entertainment value of completely improvised scenes and games. And, to my absolute delight, it was painstakingly funny.

All of the actors involved were incredibly talented, performing with confidence to create very believable characters. Not only was their gift to spontaneously deliver witty interactions in scenarios that they had no prior knowledge of incredibly impressive, their ability to switch between different emotions, physicalities, motives and most remarkably accents in split seconds was the factor in their performance that really stood out for me.

What I particularly like about the show was the relaxed and intimate atmosphere of the night. I think it was the eager anticipation of the performers, who, like the audience didn’t know what to expect or what was coming next, which added to the lovely playfulness of the show and the hilarity of the performers, seeming just surprised as we were to find themselves playing the front and rear end of a pantomime horse.

By Matilda Neill
Your Aunt Fanny (girls’ sketch group) member and Party Poppers reviewer.


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