Past Forward Review

By Matilda Neill [August Blogger]

I really liked the concept that this performance was based on: a revival of some of Live Theatre’s past loved plays and a perfect way to celebrate the last 40 years of Live. The four short pieces were inspired by the titles and plots of a selection of plays that had previously been performed at Live and were devised through collaboration between members of Live’s Youth Theatre and directors. I thought that this was the perfect way to celebrate Live’s past, showcasing its young and future talent.

Each of the four plays were all very different, each group appeared to go for a unique approach in their devised pieces, from the more elaborate stories in Bernard (based on Captain Amazing) and Going Home, to the metaphorical and thought provoking symbolism in Hatched, Matched and Dispatched and the sharing of personal stories and feelings in Lost Property.

My favourite thing about the performances was the way that they were able to manipulate a very monochrome and simplistic stage set to create a setting of exactly what they needed with just the movement of a few boxes and an occasional ‘explosive death muffin’ to get revenge on some self-obsessed super heroes.  It was a definite testament to the acting ability of the young people in the performances that they, with very minimal sound effects, props and rehearsal time could create such  distinguished pieces.

Overall it was very enjoyable: a particularly good display of the talent in Live’s Youth Theatre and a celebration of the past 40 years of Live.

By Matilda Neill
Your Aunt Fanny (girls’ sketch group) member and Party Poppers reviewer.


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