About the Wet House characters

Wet House Cast Lead Image

How do you keep your head when everyone else is off theirs?

Meet Spencer: “Just keeps himself to himself Spencer. Hardly comes out of his room. Something about him though, can’t put my finger on it.”


Meet Mike: “He’s a canny bloke Mike, drinks in here all the time. I mean, I wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of him… He’s funny though… but I’m glad I’m not his missus.”


Meet Kerry: “You’re two quid short Kerry. Listen, do you want it or not? You know the drill then. Watch your knees, I broke an ashtray.”small

Meet Andy: “We’re both really proud that Andy’s got a job helping people. I’m sure the art thing will work out for him one day. But it’s good that he’s helping people, he’s always been a sensitive lad.”small

Meet Dinger: “Mummy, why’s that man asleep in the goat pen? Don’t talk to him Peter. Come over here and look at the pigs. Now please Peter, right now.”small

Meet Helen: “Helen’s like a marching penguin in that film, but mateless. She’ll just plod on through all manner of shit.”small

Based on his own first-hand experience working in a wet house, Paddy Campbell’s startlingly original first full length play asks who will look after the people that no one else will look after?

Wet House is showing at Live Theatre from Wednesday 18 September to Saturday 5 October. Tickets costs from £22-£10, over 60s concessions £16-£10, other concs £15-£5. Find out more and buy tickets.


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