Wet House Review by Streetwise Opera

Joe Caffrey and Jackie Lye in Wet House by Paddy Campbell - Copy
We were delighted to welcome Peter Harrison and Christian Herpallier, two members of Streetwise Opera, to Live Theatre to see Wet House last week.

Streetwise Opera is a national charity that uses music as a tool to help people who have experienced homelessness move forward in their lives. Here are Peter and Christian’s thoughts on the show:

Dramatic Opening of Life in the eyes of a longstanding worker and their perceived attitudes. Funny but also emotional at times as they go about their daily tasks. Great acting and a realistic story line in the first half which was an hour long. Second half was quite harsh and to the point but equally as good as the first half. There was strong language throughout the show which is understandable given what it was about but if your easily offended then this is not for you. However if you want an insight into the real world and have a laugh along the way then book your tickets!

By Peter Harrison, Newcastle and Middlesbrough Streetwise Opera Participant

This subject is delicate at the best of times yet this approach had a refreshingly honest approach. We find ourselves in modern day drama heavily dosed with humour which is modern and down to earth. The characters were very individual nearly all we have come across in our everyday lives in the city. Don’t think this is in any way a romantic view of life in the system. Be ready for a very entertaining evening, I’m sure you will all be pleased with the play!

By Christian Herpallier , Newcastle Streetwise Opera participant

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