Introducing Victoria Watson…

We are delighted to introduce Victoria Watson who is our guest blogger for January. If you’re interested in blogging for Live Theatre check out how you can apply here

Victoria Watson
So, here we are at the beginning of 2014. The highlight of my year so far was getting an email to say I’d be blogging for Live Theatre (I know, we’re only ten days in) although I have a feeling that moment will be usurped when I jet off to Las Vegas at the end of this month. Sorry Live, I love you but, come on, it’s Vegas!

Until then, though, I’m all yours.

Why did Live choose me to write their blog? Well, during my time as a young reviewer with the Evening Chronicle, I wrote a lot of reviews and became a regular visitor to Live. I saw some pretty great stuff, including the script in hand reading of You Couldn’t Make it Up starring Mark Benton – recently seen strutting his stuff on Strictly – as Mike Ashley (awesome bit of casting there if you ask me). I was also really blown away by Lee Mattinson’s Me & Cilla which featured Vicky Elliott, who now plays Denise in Hebburn.

Live is also really close to my heart as, many moons ago as a shy and naïve child, I attended some theatre classes there for a while. Those classes gave me the confidence to get on stage at a school concert and pretend to be Posh Spice. Hmm, maybe I shouldn’t be so fond of Live Theatre after all…

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the variety of entertainment available at Live this month, including two Live Screenplays of Lee Hall’s newest works. Sixteen years ago, a selection of Lee’s work was read exclusively at Live Theatre. One of those was an early incarnation of Billy Elliot. I’m really excited to see what Lee has up his sleeve this time and, following the readings, hear him talk about his projects. Don’t forget, this is the man that not only wrote Billy Elliot but is also responsible for Cooking with Elvis and The Pitmen Painters.

One thing I’m excited about is the fact that many of the events include Q&A sessions with the people involved. I’m really looking forward to the screening of Harrigan (which is now sold out) with members of the cast and crew including Stephen Tompkinson and Vince Woods chatting about it afterwards. Where else would you get that?

I have been known to be rather star-struck when I meet anyone who has ever starred in anything, had anything published or just been a name I recognise. I once turned down an interview with Morcheeba because I was just too scared of making a fool of myself. So this month, with all these Q&As, is going to be really… interesting.

I guess you’d better keep checking back to read my reviews – and to make sure no-one’s filed a restraining order against me!

Victoria Watson
Live Theatre’s January Blogger

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