Cory Chisel Review – A jumpin’ hot evening

Who knew that the Studio in Live Theatre hosted such amazing music events? Not me, for sure.

First off, the sold out crowd were treated to some Americana/folk music from the wonderful Tony Bengtsson band. For those of us lucky to be in the audience tonight, we witnessed guitarist Paul Jackson’s final gig which is a real shame as all of the members of the band seemed perfectly in sync. I adored Rachael McShane’s cello playing and Tony Bengtsson himself held some pretty impressive notes. The kind of music played at Live Theatre tonight was the kind that reaches into your soul and really moves you. The Fire, which Bengtsson wrote following his father’s death, was really moving. I think to share something so personal with the audience is a brave move but it paid off. What a wonderful way to start the evening.

I could put my cliché hat on and remark upon Cory Chisel being the son of a preacher man but that would detract from the experience I’ve had tonight thanks to the Jumpin’ Hot Club. I can’t write this post with tongue in cheek, if I did, I’d be doing the evening an injustice.

Cory Chisel, along with his singing partner Adriel Denae, wooed the audience with their beautiful harmonies and their ‘are they/aren’t they?’ chemistry. I would never have believed the pair had just stepped off a plane from New York twelve hours ago; they showed no sign whatsoever of jet lag.

Having supported Norah Jones on her most recent US tour, Chisel and Denae may be used to playing bigger venues but the charismatic Chisel cultivated a connection with the audience throughout the set. Interspersed with his own songs, Chisel performed favourites from Tom Waites and Sam Cooke but the highlight of the night for me was their performance of In the Deep End where he and Denae shared the mic, it was full of soul.

A jumpin’ hot evening.

Victoria Watson
Live Theatre’s January Blogger


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