Introducing Steven Blackshaw…

Steven Blackshaw

When Live Theatre asked me to be their Guest Blogger, for February, I jumped at the chance. Live Theatre, located at the heart of the city of Newcastle, creates diverse inspiring new theatre. It’s a Theatre, that not only brings the finest new work that challenges what we think of as theatre to the region, but it ultimately plays a crucial part in developing an interest in theatre throughout the city.

Time to introduce myself. Sitting comfortably? Got yourself a cup of tea and a custard cream? Let me introduce myself.

Hello, I’m Steven.

In the past few years Live has had a direct impact on my creative life as an actor and playwright, it, much like it does for most of its audiences’, does so with original shows for you to enjoy.

So I guess that’s what I’ll be doing with this blog. Sharing what I think of a particular show I’ve seen, and hopefully it will encourage you do the same, whether performing, watching, writing or just plain eating (not sure what you would eat in the theatre…ice cream, perhaps?). Theatre, and in this case, Live Theatre, has encouraged me to continue or inspired me to take part, watch, comment or try to create the best brand of ice cream’s ever made (it’s important to have dreams apparently).

Theatre suddenly grabbed my attention in my early teens. It has challenged and encouraged me to get involved with something that I really enjoy. Since my teens, I have gone on to perform as a professional actor (graduating with a Degree in Contemporary Acting), progressed through Live Theatre’s Live Writers Group, and gone on to create and perform with New Writing Theatre company Write on Tap (with the help of a few others who’s names you may have seen previously on other blogs!).

I’m a member of an exciting new theatre troupe called MIXTAPE, where dressing up in an array of different outfits (most notably a very special Christmas jumper, is a must). If you ask nicely I may show you a picture. As well as performing in The History Boys at The People’s Theatre, where my first interest in the theatre began as a teenager. I’ve also tackled writing and performing as myself (eek!) in Indiana Jones and the Extra Chair at Live Theatre.

You will have noticed, that dressing up seems compulsory in the performance world…

My point therefore is not to sit behind the screen of my laptop and gloat about all my achievements of late, but rather try to explain how one place (like Live Theatre) can inspire and encourage you to enjoy something you love, whatever that may be (I’ve nearly got that ice cream recipe down to a T). Its led me to meet amazing people, form friendships, experience an array of diverse performances and work with Theatre’s all around the region. In essence, I hope to show you how just one creative place can generate excitement, work and fun all over the region, for anyone to come and see.

After an impressive start to the season with Lee Hall’s Live Screenplays, and exciting new touring theatre like The Next Train To Depart, I’m really looking forward to seeing what this month’s shows have to offer.

Whether you just want to enjoy swinging to the Ladies of Midnight Blue (hell yeah!), or relish in the excitement of Penny Dreadful Productions’ How To Be Immortal and nabokov and Soho Theatre’s Blink. Two shows that are touring all over the country, which we’re very lucky to have in the region and ones that I’m very excited to see.

Topping it all off, this month, is Write Stuff a selection of short new plays written by up-and-coming new writing prodigies. Write Stuff introduces new work from young writers (aged 13 and 14 years old), exploring the issues and concerns that are relevant to today’s youth.

That’s me for now, I hope you enjoy this month’s performances at Live Theatre and I look forward to writing about, the first of this month’s shows, The Ladies of Midnight Blue. Are their jazz vibes the missing ingredient within my ice cream recipe? (patent pending).

Thanks for reading!

Steven Blackshaw


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