Review: The Next Train To Depart

Writer: John Challis
Director: Melanie Rashbrooke
Actors: Adam Donaldson and Alex Tahnée
Sound Design: Adam James Cooper
Production Manager: Paul Aziz

Set in Newcastle Central Station, with all of the atmosphere of such an iconic venue, a chance meeting between two young people of contrasting backgrounds, her a call centre worker, him a would-be poet, leads to an enthralling 40 minutes of poetry and shared emotions, leaving you asking if they will or they won’t.

Beautifully written by John Challis and directed by Melanie Rashbrooke. With only two actors on stage, Adam Donaldson and Alex Tahnée. Delivered with a Geordie twang, which adds to the authenticity of the setting.

Make sure you don’t miss the next BITESIZE Plays coming to Live Theatre in March and April. The next BITESIZE Play is Wishbone, written by Laura Lindow, on Friday 21 & Saturday 22 March. The final BITESIZE show this season is Lee Mattinson’s Never Forget on Saturday 5 & Sunday 6 April.

Review by Keith Watson

The final performances of The Next Train To Depart are this Saturday (8 February) at Alnwick Playhouse at 1.30pm and Seaton Delaval Arts Centre at 8pm. You can find out more and grab tickets at:


‘Only 40 minutes it may have been, but a combination of good writing and performances to match…had me wondering whether or not they caught the train as I drove back to Newcastle.’
★★★★ The Journal

‘It is a wonderful example of new and exciting writing; expertly directed, staged and acted by a very talented production company.’
★★★★★ What’s Peen Seen

‘Great performances, script and direction’
★★★★ Remote Goat

Audience Feedback from the show

‘Excellent reworking of Brief Encounter. Well-acted and very much 2014.’

‘A perfect example of poetry and theatre combined. Using poetry as a transitional tool delivered an insight to the poets mind set’

‘You hit the spot! Acting, writing & directing were amazing, you all created a totally believable atmosphere.’


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