Introducing Laura Mountford: Guest Blogger for March

Introducing Laura Mountford

Hi, I’m Laura,

As a regular visitor to Live Theatre, I was extremely excited to be given the opportunity to be their Guest Blogger for March, particularly when I saw the exciting and innovative projects that I will be reviewing. Live Theatre continually brings a selection of diverse and moving pieces to Newcastle and continually seems to introduce new audiences to the joys of theatre. With each production, a new aspect of theatre is explored and appreciated.

Like many of those that visit Live Theatre, I am a somewhat new fan of the stage and all it has to offer. Within the past few years, whilst in the process of completing an undergraduate degree in English Literature at Northumbria University, I have studied a variety of plays, such as Sarah Kane’s Blasted and Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman that have furthered my interest in theatre to the extent that it has been something that I have actively sought out to partake in in my free time. I am lucky enough to live in Newcastle and therefore I am able to take advantage of all that it has to offer culturally. There is such a wide range of theatre on offer in this city and I have continually taken advantage of these opportunities in order to see as much theatre as possible in the city, as well as when making regular trips down to London and other parts of the country to see certain productions.

In November last year, I was also given the opportunity to be an ambassador for the Theatrecraft event at the Royal Opera House in London, which aims to help young people with a desire to work in theatre learn more about the industry as well as to meet many important people that work in a variety of different sectors, everything from producing to costume design. For someone that is interested in working within the industry myself, this was an amazing opportunity to be surrounded by some of the country’s very best in theatre and only caused my enthusiasm and passion to grow further.

As a fan of Laura Lindow’s previous work, I am extremely excited to see the production of Wishbone at Live Theatre this month. I find that her work often seeks to leave an impact on the audience, and it is definitely successful at doing so!

Being part of a generation that was the first to really have advanced technology as part of the process of ‘growing up’, I am very interested to see the way in which Hi-Tech Junkies will impact my opinion on the use of technology and social media in everyday life, especially considering what a hotly debated topic it seems to be.

Similarly, The GB Project and Scratch Night appear to be offering something fresh and exciting to theatre and I can’t wait to see what they have to say and to write about the ways in which it is sure to impact me and the rest of the audiences.

Hopefully, you are all anticipating the selection of works that Live Theatre has to offer this month as much as I am.

Thanks for reading and be sure to check back for my reviews!

[You can read Laura’s first review of The GB Project here]

Guest Blogger for March


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