Interview with the director: Rosie Kellagher

We’re delighted to welcome back theatre director Rosie Kellagher to Live Theatre with her BITESIZE Play Wishbone. Written by Laura Lindow, the show is on in our Studio Theatre on Friday 21 and Saturday 22 March at 8pm. Here’s what Rosie had to say about the show…

What is the show about and what can people expect?

The show is about two people – Jamie and Meryl – meeting on top of a hill on a cold blustery day and that socially tricky thing when you get talking to someone you don’t know and they just can’t help but invade your personal space. Cue awkwardness! But it becomes clear that our two strangers have a lot more in common than appearances might suggest and perhaps there’s something they need to resolve. It’s hard to say more without giving too much away! What I can say is that people can expect a show with poignancy, warmth, a bit of humour and a lot of heart.

Rosie, you have worked with Laura (the show’s writer) before on Jack and the Beanstalk. What is it like collaborating with Laura again?

It’s lovely to be working with Laura again – this time on a show for grown-ups but one that still has elements of playfulness and wit. She’s a lovely person to collaborate with and I always enjoy exploring the worlds she creates through her writing.

Wishbone is part of the BITESIZE programme, a new initiative created by Queen’s Hall Arts to develop the work of emerging playwrights and produce short BITESIZE Plays. Can you tell us a little bit more about the project and how Wishbone fits the BITESIZE concept?

BITESIZE is a great project as it encourages emerging writers by giving them a commission and enables them to build a relationship with audiences around the region. It’s nice for audiences too as it introduces them to the work of writers they might not be familiar with but in a low-risk way – they’re short plays and the ticket price won’t break the bank.

How have rehearsals been going for the show? We hear from Ben Dickenson, our blogger, lots of great things about your rehearsals – what’s this about twigs?     

Rehearsals have been good, if a little mad! Ben is right – the show does feature lots of sticks. And leaves. And sandwiches. All of which pose challenges for the actors (trying to deliver your lines with a mouthful of cheese and jam sarnies, for starters) and the purpose of which will gradually become clear through the play. And for a play set in the present day on top of a hill in Northumberland, there’s a little more sword fighting than you might expect, so we had to do a bit of work on that too!

How will the audience feel? Is it sad, moving, funny…

I hope audiences will feel moved and touched by the piece as it’s a poignant story but I really hope we can make them laugh too.

Wishbone is, at Live Theatre, on Friday 21 & Saturday 22 March at 8pm. Tickets cost £8, £6 concs. Find out more and book tickets or call Live Theatre’s Box Office on (0191) 232 1232.


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