Introducing Stu Nimmo: Guest Blogger for April

Stu Nimmo April Blogger Profile Photo

And here we are, I’m blogging, apparently. This is blogging.  I don’t feel any different, my trousers haven’t fallen down and my underpants are still a disgrace. I’ve never blogged before, so apologies for the self-indulgent beginning and the questionable underwear.

Being asked to be Live’s guest blogger for April was a rather pleasant surprise, which was immediately trumped by a bigger surprise, given my lack of knowledge, understanding and experience of theatre: my response – a very quick “I’m game!”

‘Flying by the seat of my pants’ would be a very appropriate sequence of words, ‘panting by the flies of my seat’ would not, wouldn’t make any sense and only a fool would include such a sequence in a blog, obviously. But didn’t someone somewhere once submit that saying yes to things is good and will generally lead to good things happening to the yay-sayer?  Probably not, but we’re here now and so on we must plough on – however unpleasant and disappointing this is for all of us.

I’ve done a bit of writing and have a few short plays wot I wrote knocking about my laptop, some have been put on by local theatre company, Write On Tap – but probably only because I’m a member of the company and theatre people are generally very generous to the miserable looking chap standing in the corner who won’t go away.

Live Theatre delivers a 5 star cultural repast broad in taste, deep in flavour and rich in condiment, it is a place which develops and presents new work – local, national and international, and is somewhere favourites return because they never had it so good.  Over the past few years I’ve dined at several of these feasts and am yet to depart feeling dissatisfied with the delicacies I have devoured.

So I’m looking forward to gorging in the month ahead, and by the look of the quality of the menu I’m going to be a very well nourished chap by the time April ticks over into May:  a preview of Olivier award winning writer Nick Payne’s new play Incognito, a Live Theatre, nabokov and HighTide Festival Theatre production,  Never Forget penned by Lee Mattinson and presented at Live by Queen’s Hall Arts, New York based old time band Dubl Handi + local folk musician Pete Dilley, Geordie country swing with Shipcote & Friends’ Album launch and a double bill of Day Of The Flymo by Paddy Campbell and Peter Pam by Lee Mattinson both coming via Live’s Education programme.

I’ll be blogging well writing about it too, so if you’re still reading (well done on ploughing through by the way) and are prepared to inflict more of the same on yourself; first you probably require some sort of intervention, and not secondly but more first than the first first, you will also have more to read in the coming weeks – I can only apologise in advance.

Now, clean underpants

By Stu Nimmo (Guest Blogger for April)


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