On man and his show: Day 9 to Day 11

Writer and performer Ian Mclaughlin reflects on the last few days of rehearsing his debut play Good Timin’

Day 9 – The Incredible Shrinking Play

So after day and days of cutting and pasting, slashing and trimming, shrinking and dehydrating – the show is almost at 1 hour. It’s an unbelievably tight time frame to tell the story in, but with Max’s guidance I think we have cut out everything but the heart.

We did our first run of the whole show and although I still blanked in places, I seem to have about 90% locked down now – Get in!

Tomorrow we are filming some of the video bits in the morning – Green screen – Whoop!

Then the plan is to run through the whole show again, which should leave us in a good place before a weekend off.

One of Max’s notes was very interesting – as I am becoming more confident about parts I am now starting to show off a bit and overdo them.

The characters – of which there are quite a few – are starting to become a bit caricatured. I need to ‘keep them real’ Let the text do ‘the funny’ don’t overemphasise or turn them into cartoons.

He is of course right.

“So from now on, I’m keeping it real bruv, you know what I mean? Brap!!!”


Day 10 – Green Screen ya’ know what I mean?

So the morning involved shooting some video sections that are pivotal moment’s in the show (Spoilers!)

Again Drummond Orr and Dane Flynn were just brilliant! They are so bloody calm considering the amount of stuff we have been chucking at them. (more to come!)

Then in the afternoon we did a full run.

I was really nervous about it, as sitting in was one of the best actors this region has ever produced – Mr. Joe Caffrey.  He laughed in all the right places and in some places where I wasn’t expecting a laugh.


Max said that we were in a really good place for next week and I should go home and relax.

I can honestly say that this is one of the best experiences of my life – to have a dedicated and talented team of people around you, that only want to help you be the best that you can is refreshing and humbling.

Enough platitudes now – I’m getting drunk!

See you on Monday.

Much love – a happy chappie xxx


Day 11 – Aaaaaagh!!!

Went in this morning after a really relaxing weekend – Plenty of sleep, ready to knock this baby out of the park! Unfortunately I forgot the baby and the park – I just stumbled through the run like a marathon runner who had refused water at every check point. I managed to nail the bits I had been forgetting, but forgot everything else!

It’s week three, and Max was hoping that we could now bring out the nuances in each scene – Oh dear! Tomorrow he is going to drill me again and again until every word is tattooed on my cerebellum.

On a good note – My Brother in law Richard Chance has written a piece of music for the end of the show that is so beautiful!

Here’s a good representation of how the show is sounding at the moment.

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Good Timin’ previews at Live Theatre from Wednesday 16 to Saturday 19 July before heading off to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe on Thursday 14 to Saturday 23 August. The show then returns to Live Theatre in the autumn between Wednesday 15 and Saturday 25 October.

Find out more and buy tickets for the previews at Live Theatre in July here.
Find out more and buy tickets for Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August here.
Find out more and buy tickets for the run at Live Theatre in October here.


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