Your Aunt Fanny Preview

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Welcome to the Right Here, Right Now blog take over! 

To celebrate Right Here, Right Now, our fifteen annual Youth Theatre Festival, we have asked three young bloggers to follow the festival and report from the rehearsal rooms. For this year’s festival, Live’s Youth Theatre are creating four evenings of entertainment around the theme of current affairs.  The festival runs from Thursday 7 to Sunday 10 August.

Your Aunt Fanny Preview
By Fionn Oakes

Do you know what’s cool? Laughing.

Do you know what’s also cool? Talented young women.

Do you know what’s also also cool? Laughing at talented young women.

Now not at, per se. More like with. Meaning that, the intention is to laugh. Ah I give up.

These hilarious young women go by the name of Your Aunt Fanny. Heard of them before? Of course you have. And if not, where have you been?

Never mind Bob’s Your Uncle, we’re way over that. This summer at Live Theatre’s Youth Theatre Festival Right Here, Right Now, Your Aunt Fanny are going to be showcasing some new material, with familiar characters for those of you who have seen the show before.

Sitting in on the first read-throughs of a few of the sketches, I can say that fans of the girls, and people who have never seen them before, will enjoy the show alike.

Without giving too much away, the new material is amazing and – as someone who has seen many of their shows before – I would like to say how refreshing and exciting the show is in general. I have often wondered if I would get sick of the same sketches over and over, but I never did. And now, with their new stuff, I needn’t worry at all.

The fantastic folks Rachel Glover (director) and Lee Mattinson and Laura Lindow (writers) return for the summer show and are joined by a new Music Director, Mariam Rezaei, who, even after only one rehearsal together, had the girls singing on the stairwell of Live, very well I may add. But on the stairwell? Really? Did I hear someone say ‘musical number’?

(Yes, yes I did.)

As Rachel told me yesterday, they have never had the same show twice. All the more reason to come and see it on the Friday 8 August? I think so.

Tickets for Your Aunt Fanny cost £8, £6 concs. Book tickets and find out more.


2 thoughts on “Your Aunt Fanny Preview

  1. One of the funniest shows I have seen for a while – what a talented group of young women!

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