Your Aunt Fanny – Sneaky Peak

Your Aunt Fanny Group Food Fight Brogan Gilbert Katie Powell Lydia Brickland Lauren Waine Jackie Edwards Matilda Neill small

On Wednesday I had the privilege of seeing a fantastic, pre-performance of tonight’s show by my favourite comedy group Your Aunt Fanny.

Apart from running half an hour over (something they assure me won’t happen tonight) the preview went down amazingly. I laughed more than I thought possible and even shed a humour-filled tear (is that a thing? I’ve decided it’s a thing.)

Including not just one but two hysterical musical numbers, this show is like none I’ve seen the girls do before.

Jam-packed with 23 sketches from writers Lee and Laura, each sketch is as different as the last and even though each writer has their own style, they are compatible enough that you can’t tell whose is whose. So much so that I played the game of “who wrote what” and failed. A lot.

While there are a lot of awesome sketches, I am happy to see that my favourite characters have two slots. A display of teenage girls getting ready for a party at “Hawaiian Brian’s”, and following with the journey home, I laugh my socks off every bloody time.

The performers of Your Aunt Fanny are so versatile that they are able to perform a sketch of one person, as well as all eight. Something which I find refreshing, entertaining and incredibly impressive.

I implore anyone who would be otherwise twiddling their thumbs tonight to book tickets to come and see the girls in action. Prepare for the LOLs, the snorts and the tears from the lad in the corner with a notepad in his hand (spoiler alert, that’s me…)

Thanks! See you tonight!

Tickets for Your Aunt Fanny cost £8, £6 and £3 for Youth Theatre members. Tickets can be bought via Live Theatre’s box office on (0191) 232 1232 or online at

By Fionn Oakes #LYTFest14 reviewer

To celebrate Right Here, Right Now, our fifteen annual Youth Theatre Festival, we have asked three young bloggers to follow the festival and report from the rehearsal rooms. For this year’s festival, Live’s Youth Theatre are creating four evenings of entertainment around the theme of current affairs.  The festival runs from Thursday 7 to Sunday 10 August.



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