Review: Your Aunt Fanny

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Last year I went review Your Aunt Fanny’s debut performance at Live Theatre and had an absolutely amazing night. In the review I said Your Aunt Fanny is everything and more you could hope for from six fellow young girls from today’s classy Newcastle’ and this – apart from the number of girls in the show – remains exactly the same a year on.

It’s interesting for me now reading that review. A lot of my views have stayed the same and yet some have changed. On reflection, I do believe that Your Aunt Fanny have improved massively since that performance in August 2013. With the addition of new girls, new sketches and new LOLs, I know that the show I saw on Friday was leagues above the show I saw last year. A show that I thought was the best thing I had seen in theatre until that point.

Having seen Your Aunt Fanny four times now, I still find myself laughing hysterically at sketches which have returned in every show – for instance, the Jesmond Mums sketch. I know now that my favourite has changed and I was glad to see The Girls in two sketches of their own in this show. Izzy Sorby’s natural humour really shines through in her portrayal of a party-goer Rachel. This is complimented by ditzy companion Tamagotchi-lover and Hooch-drinker Nina, played brilliantly by Katie Powell.

Always challenging and mocking stereotypes, a sketch including Destiny, a wannabe fag-hag left the audience howling as it was revealed that Destiny (who really, really understands, a-ha) was talking to her Grandad (played very impressively by Tilly Riley who managed to keep a straight face throughout) like he was an Alan Carr esque gay man called, wait for it, Kit-Kat. The sketch finished with one of the most hilarious lines in the show “I just really want to be a fag-hag Grandad! But there’s not a singly poof that’ll have us!”

As I said in my first review ‘the facial expressions of the wonderful Jackie Edwards catch your attention immediately. Intensely funny and full of character, this girl will go on to crack you up throughout, not only because of her over-the-top facial expressions, but also her body language in general’, which remains one hundred per cent true. In one of my favourite sketches about a village fete fuelled by Crystal Meth, Jackie’s lines are my favourite by far simply because of her delivery and tone; “I’ll make the painfully obvious jokes if you don’t mind Margo.”

Finally, on to the final sketch, we see the return of Amateur Dramatics class ran by the fantastically eccentric Jill, played again by Lauren Waine. The only sketch to include all eight girls in roles, the sketch shows some of the fantastic writing from Lee Mattinson. The best line in the whole show “Pam will ya stop sweating! You look like you’ve been varnished!” which has me doubled over laughing even now. And no, I am not exaggerating.

All in all the show was amazing. The direction from Rachel Glover was, as always, absolutely fantastic. Having seen some of the rehearsals and spoken to Rachel in depth about the show, her passion about Your Aunt Fanny is really admirable and something I find really excellent. As for me? Well, I can not wait for their next show because yes, I will be going back for my seventh Your Aunt Fanny installment.

By Fionn Oakes #LYTFest14 blogger 


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