Review : 24/7

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“Seven 10 minute plays performed after an adrenaline filled 24 hours”. This was the starting point I was given when I went to watch the Youth Theatre group perform an array of different shows at Live Theatre on Sunday 10 August as part of the Right Here Right Now Festival.

As someone who doesn’t know much about the world of performing arts I was going into these performances blind and completely unaware of just how much hard work and dedication all of the actors, directors and writers had crammed into a manic 24 hours. The amazing creative talent that was displayed throughout the night during each of the performances had me in awe. Each character was truly believable and the “current affairs” theme surrounding each play shone through as each of the plays also included a prop, which was the central focal point of the play.

Each of the plays focused heavily on the theme of relationship one way or another. From brother and sister rivalry in Take Off with Luke Taylor and Lydia Brickland to the childhood friendship of All Apologies with Brogan Gilbert and Jackie Edwards and the tension between to lovers in Shimmy with Andrew Fletcher and Lewis Jobson I was entertained all the way through the 10 minute performances.  From the hilarious character names of Rusty and Dusty in Shimmy and the ribbon dancing ways to say “would you like a cup of tea” there were plenty of jokes and laughs.

The Beyoncé Play with Beth Solomon and Ruth Brickland, which as you may guess focuses on fascination of this pop icon between two friends and their struggle to win the talent show with a Beyonce-esque routine. You’re a Belter with Craig Bettison and Lauren McNeille which portrayed the struggle that one “canny lad” faces as he tries to win his girlfriend back with his own take on a Romeo and Juliet style display of affection and recites a poem through a mega phone. Money Shot with Lauren Ross and Finn Burridge illustrates the reality of a young girl hungry for the chance to become a famous model and the psychotic obsession of the Russell Brand type character, which Finn plays brilliantly. Least but not least The Safe with Ryan Delahaye and Kieron Stanners explores the urge of people in society to want to break free from the corruption of the system and the government and how not everyone in society wants to be a “sheepole”, a sheep-people who follow orders and conform to the rules.

Apart from all the brilliant young actors who brought these plays to life; the writers and directors involved also played a huge part in helping to create such fantastic plays. These include Paddy Campbell, Lee Mattinson, Ian McLaughlin, Louise Taylor, Nina Berry, Francesca Wright, Neil Armstrong as well as Paul James, Kwanbena Adjei, Jackie Fielding, Tracy Gillman, Rachel Glover, Lewis Gray, Phil Hoffman, Nicole Robson and Dave Rayner. Although this was my first time at Live Theatre watching performance I can honestly say I hope it won’t be my last as overall this was a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

By Gemma Sargent #LYTFest14 

2 thoughts on “Review : 24/7

  1. Hi! I’m really glad you enjoyed the plays! I wrote You’re A Belter. I noticed you missed mine and Nina Berry’s names off the writers list though?

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