Introducing Hannah Morpeth

Hannah MorpethHello!

I’m Hannah Morpeth, Live Theatre’s guest blogger for September. I’m a twenty year old mental health nursing student, writer and all-round busy body. My artsy life is split mostly between watching theatre I secretly wish I’d written and trying to write the theatre I want to watch. I spend way more time than I’d care to admit reshuffling my diary so as to fit more things into my life or at least the occasional nap. I am a massive fan of the Beckhams and wish I was their fifth child or at least had the Vogue Style-File of Harper.

It wasn’t until about a month ago that I realised just how much of a theatre lover I actually am, I mean obviously I know that I enjoy theatre but I didn’t realise how often I went until I was asked as part of an application to compile a list of all of the shows I’d seen in the last six months. Needless to say that list went on for quite some time and I reckon about three quarters of those shows were seen at Live Theatre. Coming to see a show at Live Theatre is unlike any other theatre I’ve been to, the homely atmosphere can make anyone feel like they fit in and even on the odd occasion I have come by myself I haven’t really felt that alone.

My favourite pieces of new theatre I have seen in the last year I saw at Live Theatre: Weather to Fly by Allison Davies and Key Change by Open Clasp Theatre. Both of these shows encapsulate what I love about contemporary theatre: the ability to portray real lives within theatre, tackle massive issues and managing to reduce me to tears is a definite bonus. Needless to say I am looking forward to the return of Wet House this month as I missed it last time around and am excited to see the response show How Did I Get To This Point?

I feel honoured to be Live Theatre’s blogger for September and hope to share with you all my love for theatre, I’ll spare you the love for the Beckhams.

Check out my first review here.

By Hannah Morpeth 
Live Theatre’s Guest Blogger for September


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