Review: Mixtape Boy Bands Vs Girl Bands

Reviewed on Friday 5 September
By Hannah Morpeth – Live Theatre’s Guest Blogger for September

I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want?
To be better at Mixtape.

Friday night saw the return of Mixtape, this time taking on MIXTAPE: Boy Band Vs Girl Band classics, but don’t think that singing the likes of the Spice Girls into your hairbrush on an almost daily basis will in any way support your quest to obtain the Golden Mixtape.  It’s the third Mixtape show I have been to see and the Golden Mixtape is the furthest it has ever been away from my grasp, it appears that practice does not make perfect. Even writing a piece for Mixtape myself didn’t help me along the way in previous shows, I am a lost cause when it comes to the part theatre/part pop-quiz.

Mixtaper Amy Foley was as fabulous as always, especially clad in her Geri Halliwell union jack dress. I still couldn’t tell you the song that inspired sketch More Cakes Vicar?, I am however grateful for the “I Love Zayn” cake I managed to get from the piece. My One Direction fan girling managed to help me out over in the Fitting Room of track ten with the all too familiar squeezing into the sparkly dress scenario. Can we just take a moment to appreciate one of my only correct answers, embarrassingly, Little Things by One Direction.

The B-Side thankfully treated me much better than Side A had, causing me to yelp “I know my Destiny’s Child” mid-track but we’ll pretend that wasn’t my only achievement of the night. I don’t mind being so rubbish when I get to have so many laughs at such cleverly crafted snippets of theatre. Thanks to all Mixtapers for giving me yet another brilliant night!

MIXTAPE: Boy Bands Vs Girl Bands took the audience to the bomber jacket days of the nineties and right back to the One Direction mania that faces us today. The boys from Take That have became men and Westlife have taken their last steps down from the key-change stools but what hasn’t changed is my desire to be the sixth Spice Girl.

The next Mixtape show, at Live Theatre, is on Saturday 25 October and features sketches inspired by UK Number Ones and is presented as part of this year’s Juice Box Festival for children and families (suitable for children 10+).

Plus, Mixtape are back on Friday 7 November for Mixtape: North East celebrating bands and artists from the North East (suitable for 14+).

You can find out more about Mixtape at or on Twitter @ukmixtape

By Hannah Morpeth – Live Theatre’s Guest Blogger for September


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