Wet House & How Did I Get To This Point?

By Hannah Morpeth

Both Wet House and How Did I Get To This Point? are two shows not to miss at Live Theatre this autumn. They are guaranteed to take you on an emotional rollercoaster by tackling tough issues with the honesty they deserve.

Paddy Campbell’s critically acclaimed debut full-length play Wet House returns to Live Theatre following its success last year.

A wet house is a homeless accommodation which allows residents to consume alcohol, providing homes for the many people who struggle with alcohol dependency often turned away by everywhere else.

The show, inspired by Campbell’s work in a wet house, follows young graduate Andy as he embarks on his new job working with the people that it appears nobody else wanted to.

Paddy Campbell is a model example of Live Theatre’s dedication to supporting new writing. Once a participant in the Introduction to Playwriting course ran by Live Theatre Paddy then wrote shorter pieces for the Theatre and last year, as part of the 40th anniversary celebration made his full length debut with Wet House.

If you loved Wet House, why not come and see the response piece brought to Live Theatre by Alphabetti Spaghetti How Did I Get to This Point? The show has been both researched and written by Ali Pritchard, Allison Davies and Pip Chamberlin in order to highlight the issues surrounding homelessness and the many circumstances that could result in a person being homeless.

I find it baffling that in an age when we making new technological advances everyday and can contact each other at every minute of the day by all sorts of social media on smart phones that we still struggle to support and sustain contact with those struggling on our own doorsteps. We are all-too-often wrapped up in our own little worlds that it becomes so easy to look past the people sitting in shop doorways with no idea where their next meal will come from or the next time they will have a roof over their heads.

It is also no use shying away from the stereotyping that comes with being homeless and how you assume a person became homeless can often influence your decision to give them money or buy them some food and drink. How Did I Get to This Point? explores just how close any of us could be to becoming homeless.

I’d like to leave you with a video published by Rethink Homelessness called Cardboard Stories – Homeless in Orlando.

Wet House: Wednesday 17 September to Saturday 11 October 2014
How Did I Get To This Point?: Friday 19 September to Thursday 25 October 2014


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