From the Rehearsal Room: Wet House with Anna Ryder

By Anna Ryder, Asistant Director, Wet House

Group Cast Shot for 2014

With opening the show tonight, last week was absolutely crammed full! While rehearsals were continuing, the set was being built in the Main Theatre and on top of this we had the chance to look at some of the logistical elements of the show as well.

One of these being the need to choreograph the on-stage violence included in the play. I was extremely excited when a fight coach was mentioned! Entering the session I tried to suppress ideas of action-film-esque antics, and while it was perhaps not as dramatic as my over-active imagination had dreamt up, in actuality I found myself fascinated by the precision that went into producing each moment.

The focus was twofold, with the main priorities being both the actors’ safety and the authenticity of the violence to an audience. Details such as the distance at which two actors stood from one another and the angle at which someone falls became paramount. While, thinking aesthetically, experimenting with the exact point at which an actor releases a blood capsule made the difference between exposing the falsity of an injury and the creation of an unsettlingly realistic moment of assault.

Of course once all this violence was done with, (not to add too many spoilers to this post!) then the subsequent injuries needed to be replicated. This involved some time experimenting with make up and bandages: the recreation of cuts and bruises took precision and sometimes what looked fantastic when first applied, looked a lot different when placed under the stage lights. The cast and team were fantastic at finding the necessary alterations and tweaks, so by the end, the final creations looked unpleasantly realistic!

It is great to see all the elements coming together and to see the images described in the rehearsal room start to become a reality. The stage looks fantastic, with Gary McCann’s design creating a wonderfully versatile playing space for the actors.

The rehearsals are just about coming to an end so with first night excitement beginning to arrive, I can only suggest you get booking your tickets for what looks to be a truly fantastic show!

Wet House is at Live Theatre from Wednesday 17 September to Saturday 11 October. Find out more and book tickets.

Plus on Sunday 5 October, at 6.45pm, join us for a Homelessness & Addiction Discussion and on Tuesday 7 October, at 10.15pm, don’t miss the chance to Meet the Team of Wet House in a special post show event. This talk will be BSL interpreted.

By Anna Ryder, Assistant Director, Wet House


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