Introducing Tammy Linsell our Guest blogger for October

Tammy Linsell October blogger

Hello there, I’m Tammy and I’m the guest reviewer for October! I live in Gateshead and I work for the local government. I love the theatre but my outlook has been a narrow one. Visits used to be restricted by shift work and cost, and I stuck to commercially popular productions.  Then I got involved in reviewing for an internet review site. I don’t get paid for this but they do supply me with tickets and have pointed me in the direction of some of the smaller productions, broadening my outlook.

A few weeks ago I was having a Sunday morning lie in reading my iPad, when a relative who is in the film and television industry posted a Tweet urging me to go and see Wet House at Live Theatre.  You can see (or review) a play or film and discuss its deeper meanings or hidden irony, and lavish eloquent praise or carping criticism. But if you’ve paid money to see something, artistic merit and value for cash boil down to one thing and one thing only. When you’re sitting there, in the audience, how many times do you look at your watch? During the film “The King’s Speech”, I consulted my timepiece every five minutes and walked out half way through to embrace the more interesting world of the Metrocentre. Thousands of people would suggest that I’m an un-intellectual heathen, but I thought this critically acclaimed film was bloody boring.

Compare this with Wet House, well I never wanted it to end. From the first word spoken to the last syllable uttered, I was completely absorbed with this thought provoking script by Paddy Campbell, delivered by actors of exceptional talent.

I immediately wanted to become involved, and I consulted the internet to find out what else is happening at this wonderfully friendly and beautiful theatrical venue. I’ve discovered that there are numerous opportunites for folk such as myself to become part of things. This is why I’ll be back to Live Theatre regularly. I’m excited to be reviewing and blogging for October and continuing my involvement afterwards by going to see as many new productions offered by Live as I can, and maybe later enrol on to one of their training courses. Thank you for having me, an exciting month awaits!

By Tammy Linsell
Guest Blogger for October


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