A Word From the Writer of Flying Into Daylight: Ron Hutchinson

Thursday 27 November to Saturday 20 December 2014

“An actor in another of my plays, when asked by the director to outline a moment or decision that fundamentally changed their life, talked of going to Buenos Aires to learn the Tango. Out of the blue. Without a word of Spanish. Just knowing that some force inside her was telling her to do it. Now.

I was taken by the life experience of Victoria Fischer, who inspired this play.

Soon I was to discover that she wasn’t alone in feeling that impulse – or interior command – and obeying; without question but certainly with apprehension. Argentina’s a long way away. They beat us regularly at football and we have a continuing political disagreement with them. No matter. People, like Victoria, of every age and nationality and class, wake up one morning and decide that whatever else their life contains, it must have room for a studio or bar or nightclub or ballroom thousands of miles away. On the floor of that distant place they will learn Tango.”

Ron Hutchinson 
Writer of Flying Into Daylight

“Just as Tango appeared so swiftly into my life, two years later the story captured the imagination of a writer, Ron Hutchinson, and we began to create a full play from my adventure. Every Argentine Tango dancer, be it a beginner or a world champion, has a personal story to tell of how they came to find this dance, or as in my case, how it found them. I am thrilled that this story is receiving its premiere at Live Theatre with a hugely talented cast and creative team and I hope that for a few hours, you too can feel the energy, escapism and vitality of Buenos Aires and Argentine Tango.”

Victoria Fischer
Original story, Flying Into Daylight

Flying Into Daylight is brand new play written by Emmy award-winning screen writer, Ron Hutchinson starring award-winning actors Summer Strallen and Jos Vantyler, with live music performed on stage on the Bandoneon by leading Tango musician Julian Rowlands and dance choreographed by Tango specialist Amir Giles. It is based on an original story by Victoria Fischer.

It follows Virginia who walks out on everything she knows leaving the security of her mundane British life to travel 12,000 miles to Buenos Aires to learn the Tango.

Flying Into Daylight is at Live Theatre, Newcastle from Thursday 27 November to Saturday 20 December 2014. There are also associated Tango lessons, talks and dining opportunities including a pre-theatre Argentinian menu at The Broad Chare.  More information and to buy tickets.

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