Chartering the Emotional Journey – The Terminal Velocity of Snowflakes

November 16, 2016

The second day of placement began with a revised script, involving a few cuts and replacements. Then beginning to charter and physically illustrate the emotional journeys of the two characters, Rosie played by Heather Carroll and Charlie played by Dean Bone.


Today we spent time separating the segments which abided within reality; the story, and then in the Metatheatrical world of the play; the discussion. Some may be familiar with the Stanislavski techniques which are applied in rehearsal of a script; if not, an excellent summary of the techniques can be found on the BBC Bitesize Website. The actors were given notes and questions about their character; their feelings and ideologies being explored and utilised in the evolution of their character’s. Recalling real past experiences in order to convey pure emotion during the performance occurred within a specific scene. This involved the intense emotional turmoil residing in the character’s current holistic state. Further to this, the subtext allowed us to derive meaning and motivation in order to form a clear portrait of the characters.

Watching the actors animate their character’s stories allowed me to witness the next phase of this play’s creative journey. In addition to this thought, perhaps it is more correctly described as the extended evolution of the production process and character development.

I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next…

Greta Hayley
Placement Student




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