Introducing Greta Hayley – The Terminal Velocity of Snowflakes Blogger

Third year Newcastle University student Greta Hayley is currently on placement at Live Theatre where she will be working with the creative team behind  The Terminal Velocity of Snowflakes from the first day of rehearsals to opening night.  Here’s a bit more about the girl behind the blog:

Hi I’m Greta and I am currently studying English Literature at Newcastle University, and hope to have a career in the Creative Arts Industry following my graduation. I have had experience since a young age with music and theatre and followed acting, writing, playing piano and singing throughout my time at high school and university.

I lived in New Zealand and Australia with my family since finishing primary school and fostered my interest in the creative arts and cultural industries that surrounded the area I lived.

During high school and university I have partaken in plays and musicals, both onstage and offstage; and also had experience in writing for both private and public consumption; where I gained amateur experience and now hope to further my education and vocation in the arts.   I hope you enjoy my Snowflakes journey…


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