The Terminal Velocity of Snowflakes

Image: Concept drawing created by designer Luke W.Robson

November 14, 2016
The Terminal Velocity of Snowflakes

Today marked the beginning of my experience working in a cultural industry. Live Theatre in Newcastle Upon Tyne are currently starting their world premiere production of an incredible play called The Terminal Velocity of Snowflakes, written by Nina Berry, an individual who has been working for and alongside Live Theatre for some time now. I get to see this play form first hand, working closely with the creative director and the production team to understand the mechanics of putting on a production.

The play tells the story of two individuals, Rosie and Charlie, who, through a brief hour, their fate filled lives, and the theory of Quantum Entanglement meet and envisage their future as one. The interpretation however, lies in your hands.

Today was the first rehearsal; we started with a classic meet and greet in the Live Theatre foyer, followed by a read through by the two actors playing Rosie and Charlie. This in itself marks the beginning of my journey, as the project progresses I get the privilege of seeing how the play has started, and how it will end up as the finished piece.

Various tech discussions and philosophical thought followed the read through. Firstly, for logistics, secondly, because the content of the play does force certain thought-provoking responses and everyone wanted to ensure both that we communicated these effectively and that the audience would receive the content as it was intended.

After character and play analysis and reconfiguration, a group of drama students from Sunderland University came to the second read through of the day. This was another experience in itself, to see Live Theatre’s connection with the future generations who will participate in and enjoy theatre production. Furthermore, following on from our own discussions about the content of the play, the students were able to both answer our questions about our portrayal of the piece, and give us further scope for an audience’s response and interpretation.

After all this, there was another break down of the text, this time we had to break down a particularly tricky scene which jumps in and out of reality into imagination, the surreal, a parallel universe; once again, this depends on the audiences interpretation.

This is just the beginning of my journey, I am really thrilled to see how this production progresses until it opens in December.

Greta Hayley
Placement Student


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