Familiarity & Emotional Investment – The Terminal Velocity of Snowflakes

25 November 2016

Today showed the familiarity that the actors have with their scripts. We also have seen the emotional projection, stimulated by the actors interpretation, and now, the conveyance of these emotions in the character’s voices, thoughts and actions.

After having blocked (the positioning of actors in staging a scene) one of the emotionally climactic scenes in The Terminal Velocity of Snowflakes, the actors, Heather and Dean were given chance to rehearse this section. Consequently, strengthening their character’s uncensored emotion. Due to both blocking and a sense of familiarity with the scripts, Heather and Dean have shown growth in not only their tone and clarity in rehearsing lines, but also, in the animation of their roles. More action has been exerted and more emotion invoked in their portrayals of Rosie and Charlie, no doubt thanks to their confidence in memorised script. Being off script always promotes more room for energy and character integrity; the script is coming to life.

Heather and Dean, accompanied by the form of the script, have begun to capture attention and convey a clear sense of who the characters are.

With the design team setting up the space next door in the Studio Theatre, by next week we hope to see the progress in rehearsals reflected and amplified once we inhabit the real theatrical setting.

Greta Hayley
Placement Student


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