Emotionally Surged and Invested – The Terminal Velocity of Snowflakes

8 December 2016

We are currently on our second dress rehearsal for The Terminal Velocity of Snowflakes, in preparation for tonight’s sell out performance.

The emotional surge that the audience members will experience is clear. Not only do the script and the actors demand your emotional investment but you are guided by the intensity of the lighting effects arranged by the tech crew.

The music assists the mood and the varying lighting schemes help you plunge into the story. Every element of production, each transition, and the skill of all cast and crew force you to be completely submersed in the story we will be telling tonight and for the next week or so.

The ‘Humans of New York’ composer once interviewed a man who stated, “One of the magical things about theatre is that it gathers a crowd of people in a quiet space, and each member of the audience gets to see how people respond differently to the different things being said on stage. The person next to you will laugh at something that you’d never think of laughing at, and you’ll get a glimpse into all the different ways of viewing the world.”

This quote holds true to this final stage of this production. The animated script and immense setting take you on a magical, theatrical journey and I cannot wait to see both the audiences reactions and imaginative participation in this emotionally charged play.

Greta Hayley
Placement Student


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