The Red Lion Review

See what our April blogger Elise Mitchell thought about The Red Lion:

The Red Lion provides a clever comedic value to a heart-breaking story, as the audience join the venture of this performance we empathise with the three characters that create this fantastically clever piece. Dean Bone, who’s performance was breath taking, begins his life as a young footballer we root for his ambition and spirit. And where Stephen Tompkinson provides an air to the performance that makes the audience both hate and love him we are forced to appreciate the history of John Bowler’s character.

Personally, the performance is a must see, I laughed, I cried and I got angry on multiple occasions. Initial thoughts lead me to believe that the piece was entirely based on football and it would be something I wouldn’t enjoy; however, it is about much more than football with many colourful themes running through the story and undertones of different lifestyles that each character provides. This rollercoaster performance is yet another fantastic piece directed by Max Roberts.

Elise Michell, Guest Blogger


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