Welcome to Youth Theatre Festival 2017 – Heroes, Villains and Mortals

I’d like to welcome you to this year’s Youth Theatre Festival – Heroes Villains and Mortals. Over three days you’ll be able to see a diverse programme of performances which showcases work for, by and with young people from Live’s Youth Theatre. The three day festival includes short plays, sketches, monologues, stand-up comedy and outdoor performances. It is a complete takeover of Live Theatre’s spaces with work created with young people in mind. We want to create a space where participants can flourish, realise their creative potential, and produce work that they feel proud of.

During the festival you will see a wide range of talent on display. I attended a try out performance with the young stand-up comedians and was really impressed with their material, confidence, and delivery. It is often claimed that stand-up is not for the faint hearted but this group of young people rose to the occasion and produced some fantastic work for an invited audience of friends and family. I kept thinking back to when they started the workshops with comedian John Scott a few weeks ago, looking petrified and unsure as to whether they had the confidence to do a stand-up routine in front of an audience, and how they developed week by week with support and guidance to realise their potential. I have witnessed this so many times over the years and it is always a joy to see. For me, this epitomises what Youth Theatre is about and why I enjoy being part of it.

Live’s Youth Theatre has never been about creating ‘stars’, yes, some of our young people have gone on to forge successful careers as performers but this is a by-product of what we do. Our main objective is to use theatre and drama for the personal, social, emotional, and intellectual development of the young people we work with. We aim to equip them with transferable skills that they can generalise into their everyday lives. The festival is a small part of a yearly programme of children and young people’s work specially designed to support the growth of young people.

This year’s festival would not be possible without a dedicated team of theatre practitioners, skilled in working with young people. It’s great seeing former Youth Theatre members working as Assistant Directors on some of the pieces and learning the craft of directing by shadowing an experienced practitioner. Nurturing talent is central to what we do at Live Theatre.

Paul James
Senior Creative Associate, Children and Young People’s Programme


From Friday 11 – Sunday 13 August 2017, Heroes, Villains and Mortals  will see young people from Live’s Youth Theatre take over the Theatre for a three day festival featuring an exciting mix of imaginative theatre, stand-up comedy, play readings and outdoor performances.

Find out more and book tickets here


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