A word from The Paper Birds Director: Jemma McDonnell

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From Wednesday 8 to Sunday 26 June join us for the World Premiere of The Paper Birds new show Mobile. Step inside an ordinary looking caravan and see a treasure trove of magic and digital wizardry. Where the kettle talks, cupboards open to reveal pop up worlds and the whole caravan is transformed into our solar system.

A word from The Paper Birds Director: Jemma McDonnell

 is a show about class, but more specifically it is about social mobility. It is a show about who you are, where you have come from and the influence that your parents, and their upbringing has had on you.

Having both come from working class backgrounds myself and Kylie were interested in how we are taught from a young age to aspire to have more, and to be more than our parents. We were drawn to explore how our parents position in the world determines how we as their children, encounter and experience the world.

Mobile strives to be our most accessible show to date as we hit the road taking theatre to the doorsteps of theatre, schools, high streets and festivals.

We want to get people thinking and talking about class. We believe that class does still exist in the UK and it is as important as ever. We would like you to question if social mobility is on the increase or decline. Whether we are held back by our birth place or schooling. And if we should be proud or embarrassed of where we have come from.

Incorporating real verbatim interviews taken throughout the UK (including in Newcastle), this show, like many of our others, is a mix of fact and fiction. But on this occasion many of these were not people we met face-to-face so we brought them to life in the best way we could; through their words and our imaginations.

We welcome you into our Mobile ‘home’. Make yourself comfortable.

Jemma McDonnell
Director of Mobile and The Paper Birds Artistic Director

Mobile is an intimate 40 minute show for nine people at a time. It’s the first show commissioned for Live Garden our new garden and outdoor performance space recently completed as part of our Live Works development. Presented by The Paper Birds, Mobile has its World Premiere at Live Theatre from Wednesday 8 to Sunday 26 June (Except on Friday 17 June, when Mobile goes to Blackhall Community Centre and Thursday 23 June  to Greenhills Centre, Wheatley Hill, on, both in County Durham) before going on a national tour. Find out more.

Tickets cost £10 & £8 full price and £8 & £6 concessions. To book tickets and to find out more visit www.live.org.uk or contact Live Theatre’s Box Office on (0191) 232 1232.