Assistant Director Anna Ryder talks about Broken Biscuits

With Broken Biscuits approaching the end of its time at Live Theatre, Assistant Director Anna Ryder shares her thoughts on the journey so far:

Broken Biscuits has one more week in Live Theatre’s main house before the shed is being packed up and sent out on tour (don’t miss out!).

I am working as assistant director on the show and have been part of the creative team since rehearsals started in September, it really has been a wonderful journey. I feel it would be impossible to cram the whole experience into one blog post, but with characters as infectiously ambitious as ours, I think I should probably give it a go!

Rehearsals began in London at Paines Plough Headquarters, it really was a brilliant and productive few weeks discovering the world of Megan, Holly and Ben. Even from the first day’s read-through it was clear that there was magic in the room. Teenage friendships hurtle along at lightning pace, humour bounces at ease and bonds are made for a lifetime as our trio grapple with the question of fitting in. Even sat around a table, the chemistry of the three was irresistible.

Jumping off from that point we spent time playing with the logistics of the shed (our company’s stage) and developing the music of the show. As with any would-be bands, Megan, Holly and Ben (and equally our actors Faye, Grace and Andrew) have to start somewhere and we were given an absolute gift in the play’s songs by Tom and Matthew (writer and composer of the show)

For the last weeks of rehearsal we headed up to Newcastle and Live Theatre. Tech week was really fantastic, it’s such an exciting time in the life of a production when all the elements are present together. Our fantastic lighting designer Josh, designer Lily and sound designer Dom worked their magic and I’m sure anyone who has seen the show will whole-heartedly agree that it looks and sounds fantastic!

We will be very sad to leave Live Theatre behind at the end of the week but excitement is mounting in the company about getting out on tour. First stop is Plymouth before we wind our way around the rest of the country. Keep your eyes peeled and pass on the word.

Anna Ryder
Broken Biscuits, Assistant Director