Introducing our September blogger: Wendy Errington

Hello, I’m Wendy Errington and I’m Live Theatre’s resident blogger for September. I also volunteer as a writing mentor at Live Tales, the theatre’s brand new creative writing centre for children and young people, which officially opens this month.

From being about 4 years old I have loved writing. I remember scribbling on lots of sheets of paper, declaring I had written a story! At school I enjoyed English lessons the most and I guess that’s when my love for Shakespeare and plays kicked in. I have always kept a private journal; full of notes, poems and short stories.

I came late in life to writing for a wider audience. Four years ago I enrolled on the online course that Live Theatre runs. I have completed 3/5 of the modules and felt a bit stuck recently, until I started blogging on the 1st of August this year.

I have published five blogs so far. Ranging from; reflections, to a Fringe review, to political opinion. I used the review, to apply for this fantastic opportunity at Live Theatre – being a blogger for my favourite theatre in the North East. Blogging seems to have unstuck me!

So as the cliché goes – it’s never too late. And I know I’m going to relish every play I see during September and sharing my thoughts about them with you.

Wendy Errington [September blogger]