Introduction to Caroline France


My name’s Caroline and I’m the guest blogger for Live Theatre at the moment. I’m a former English Literature student so I’ve always been a big theatre fan and think writing about it is a great way to get involved. In an age where binge-watching Netflix has become the primary source of cultural engagement, I think we need to celebrate the magic of a live performance (I say, before a night of said binging).

I gained previous experience in reviewing through student media groups and the website Cuckoo Review, and thought this opportunity was a great way to expand my experience. I admire Live Theatre’s dedication to bringing new writing to the stage; I think supporting original writing is really important, especially that which is created in our beautiful and culturally vibrant region! From a reviewer’s perspective, writing about something completely new gives you the chance to form your own opinions without being unduly influenced by conventional opinion.

I’m due to review several productions over the coming months so make sure to watch out for my posts! Having already seen the brilliant Jess and Joe Forever, I’m really excited to see what else is in store for Live Theatre in the run up to Christmas and I hope you are too.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog posts!