No More Worries – Preview

By Ryan Watson
Juice Festival Blogger

When I found out that NE1’s Quayside Seaside was going to play host to a campervan called Daisy and an afternoon of holiday themed activities promoting Simon Mole and Peader Kirk’s return to Live Theatre – one of the stops on the tour of their latest performance No More Worries – I had two thoughts. The first was excitement, I was lucky enough to work with them the last time they were at Live Theatre and it was a brilliant experience. And the second was ‘Oh no. It’s going to rain’. Because that’s how it works.

But I ended up getting sunburn.

The event was great. The campervan was parked up just by the seaside, the inflatable palm tree was put up and the occasional No More Worries flyer blew away. Those passing by were invited to add their favourite driving tunes to Simon and Peader’s road-trip play list (which you can also do on the show’s website), write their perfect holiday moment on a postcard and stick it on a map of the world and take pictures with Simon and Peader.

Despite being super busy Simon found time to tell me more about the day, saying that the event was their way of trying to tell people about the show who might not usually be interested when they hear that it’s a Spoken Word piece.

There were a lot of people, even in the time I was there, who when asked ‘What’s your favourite tune to drive to?’ suddenly became interested and wanted to add to the list.  It’s a way of engaging people by encouraging them to put a personal twist on a shared experience, rather than trying to just tell people what the show is all about. Simon went on to say that by adding their favourite driving song or holiday moment, they’ve been a part of the show.

No More Worries follows two characters with contrasting personalities at different points in life, Kieran (27) and Paul (50) as they travel the country looking for the perfect holiday moment and will combine spoken word with contemporary theatre and an electronic sounds cape to create a unique experience for viewers.

The show will be at Live Theatre on Thursday 18 June and after last Wednesday’s event I can’t wait to see it.


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