Review: preggers

Wow. It is rare for a piece of theatre to make me cry, but preggers did it (of course there was a lot of comedy too).

preggers is a one woman show by Amy Golding. Yet, in some ways, it could be called a four woman show, as it told the story of Amy’s Nan, Mother and Sister too. All three are present in what Amy says, alongside film and sound clips of interviews with them. This presentation of multiple generations tells the story of being pregnant and motherhood pre-NHS, in the 1980s and now. Yet the play isn’t just about comparing and contrasting these three eras, it’s a much more emotional beast than that.

I attended the relaxed performance where people could bring their babies. The audience was mostly, though by no means exclusively, made up of women. This gave the atmosphere in the room a sense of camaraderie before the performance even began. Personally I brought my mum, which proved useful as there were plenty of points where we needed to squeeze each other’s hands.

Because of this atmosphere there was a sense of a whole roomful of people being plunged deep into the events and themes Amy was discussing. When babies cried it wasn’t a distracting thing, it was part of the performance. The sound levels were kept low, but this too became part of the show. preggers isn’t a play that needs to shout its message, the performance I saw was a throbbing, living thing in that room at that time (which, with it starting at 11.30am, was a little early for the gin handed out at the end of the performance).

Let me end with a second “wow”- one for that wig.

By Sarah Gonnet (June blogger)

You can find out more about preggers on Curious Monkey’s website

preggers Tour Dates

Liverpool, Unity Theatre 7 June (8pm), 8 June (11am*)

Doncaster, Cast 9 June (7.45pm)

Exeter, Bike Shed 14 – 18 June (7.30pm) + 16 June at 11am*

London, Chats Palace 21 – 22 June  (11am*  & 7.45pm)

Alnwick Playhouse 28 June (2.30pm* & 7.30pm)

Leeds HUB, Slung Low3 July (5pm)