Introducing September’s Guest Blogger: Ben Dickenson

I call an old friend and tell him I’m going to do a bit of blogging for Live Theatre. Between hysterical giggles, he squeezes out the words: “gaffer tape.” Ok, that doesn’t make sense. Let me explain. Sometime in the late 1990s we went to the premiere of an off-West End drama.  In the bar […]

How Did I Get To This Point? and Wet House – Alphabetti @ Live Theatre

Hello Live Theatre blog! What’s happened last since we met? Thanks for asking. I’ll let you know in a minute. In the meantime, woah! You’ve been busy… …reviewing Incognito…exposing us to 10 Minutes To…promoting Ian Mclaughlin’s one-man show…spotlighting new plays by Lee Mattinson and Paddy Campbell…talking to Joe Caffrey about, err, being Joe Caffrey …and…many […]

From the Rehearsal Room: Wishbone

Working magic – making Wishbone “A hill…sticks…Tom has my old walkman from school.”  Really? “Something unspoken…like a recording of the past on repeat.” Err, ok. “Clever director…generous writer.” Right.  “Bluidy McKenzie…being a teenager in Edinburgh is gruesome – Rosie and Laura said so…bodacious…was rad a thing?” Sorry, what? Sometimes, when I read my hasty scribbles […]

Interview with the director: Rosie Kellagher

We’re delighted to welcome back theatre director Rosie Kellagher to Live Theatre with her BITESIZE Play Wishbone. Written by Laura Lindow, the show is on in our Studio Theatre on Friday 21 and Saturday 22 March at 8pm. Here’s what Rosie had to say about the show… What is the show about and what can people […]

Weather To Fly: lighting up the sky

Let’s talk about new writers. Bubbling with important stories and dramatic inventions, they inspire and stimulate. Like, say, Northumberland based Allison Davies who’s first one act play Weather To Fly premiered at Live Theatre last week. While we’re at it lets talk about indie theatre companies. Locally engaged, forging creative relationships, building from the roots […]