A week today…

It’s the Bursary Scratch Night! And there’s only a handful of tickets left. Grab yours here.

This is your chance to help choose a new show for 2014. Four North East based artists will present their exciting new work in development in our Studio Theatre after which you can join us for a glass of wine, lively discussion with the artists, and the opportunity to suggest which of the shows you’d like to see further developed with Live Theatre and The Empty Space’s 2014 Bursary.

Remember to check back on Tuesday 10 December when we’ll announcing the winner of the Bursary behind door number 10.

The pieces being considered for the Bursary are:

Carl Kennedy and Zoe Lambert – Mr Doom & Mrs Bloom’s Story Emporium
Theatre makers Zoe Lambert and Carl Kennedy will come together as the two characters Mr Doom and Mrs Bloom to create a Victoriana/Steam-punk Story Emporium. These two bizarre and brilliantly realized characters tell stories that explore the darker side of storytelling using object manipulation and puppetry, as well as live music, song and rhyming couplet to turn ‘traditional/folk/fairy tales’ into an interactive theatrical show.

Alison Carr – The Soaking of Vera Shrimp
In the middle of an almighty thunderstorm, fourteen year-old Vera Shrimp discovers an extraordinary ability –  she can ‘read’ raindrops, each one having soaked up an emotion from those their water has come into contact with. And amongst all of the hundreds of millions of raindrops falling from the sky, Vera is desperately searching for something of what is left of her family. The Soaking of Vera Shrimp will be a playful, touching, sometimes poignant piece of theatre, full of sensory and theatrical fun.  Performed by Tessa Parr.

Gary Kitching – The Reading
The Reading is a story about a man’s relationship with a psychic, and a psychic’s relationship with a spirit. It’s a story about seeking solace in the unknown, and failing to connect to the living. Its a love story. Of sorts. And there are also ghosts. Performed by Gary Kitching and Meg Fraser.

Tender Buttons – Sound & Guts
A lively theatrical tour of a semi-fictional island which looks at the role of solitude in contemporary culture and explores personal relationships with place and landscape. So far we have rewritten Taxi Driver and saved Travis Bickle from loneliness, searched through archives relating to birdwatching and island life in the UK, talked to people about what things they do in solitude and how they keep from feeling lonely, learnt the lines to Solitude Standing by Suzanne Vega, taken field recordings of isolated destinations, and been polishing up our Jacques Cousteau impressions.


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