A Word From The Writer: Lee Mattinson

Donna Disco was the first play I ever wrote. It was scribbled in between split shifts at the then Café Live into an exercise book in pink felt tip – I might as well have been writing to Bros. It also swiftly disappeared into the trademark ‘bottom draw’ of unproduced work where it sat until a pact was struck up with Paula Penman to attempt to make something together. I remembered Donna, whipped her out and so our adventure began.

The play was first staged as a rehearsed reading in Live Theatre’s Studio Theatre as a double-bill under the umbrella of Girls on the Verge in 2011. We then went onto form Chicken Pox Fox, produce the show at Edinburgh Festival Fringe and New Wimbledon Theatre. And so it seems fitting that we bring Donna back to her spiritual and theatrical home to kick off her first National Tour, which will run until the end of March.

Scribbling out the script in pink feels like a hundred years ago and the play may have been my first but, I think, remains my most honest. Plus you get a free party popper and some glasses to watch the show through. Win win.

Lee Mattinson


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