Introducing James Barton

James is Live Theatre’s guest blogger for January and February 2015. If you would like to blog for Live Theatre and review events then you can find out more here.


Well that seems a good way to start I think. I’m James Live Theatre’s guest blogger for January and February. Well this blogging thing seems easy enough, but somehow I feel I may be about to swallow my words on this one, I’ll let you know at the end of this introductory blog.

Being asked to be Live Theatre’s gust blogger was a great pleasure for me as I really haven’t done much reviewing or blogging since my time at university so it’s probably about time I did some more. I’m really not selling this am I?

Well ok, so I’ve done some writing, as you can see from above, but also as a member of a sketch comedy group called Mixtape, which has been shown in various venues in the local area including Live Theatre. Primarily though, I am an actor and I also work at Beamish Museum as a dentist or school teacher and the like (as can be seen in the above photo); so it’s really nice to be on the other side as it were, and be able to talk about what is happening from an audience point of view.

Through my audience experience at Live Theatre I have seen a selection of brilliant plays, Scratch Nights, music, poetry and experimental new works, which were diverse and represented the wonderful talent that the north east and further a field has to offer. I’m really looking forward to seeing all the variety that Live Theatre has to offer, in the months ahead, and then obviously telling you all about it. Such as 10 Minutes to…Take Off, Scratch Night, Live Lab Launch Event, Bronwynne Brent + Amelia Curran music gig, Broke by The Paperbirds, Gavin Webster’s All New Northumbrian Assembly, Breakfast Hearts / Choirplay, Silly Billies Club and Donna Disco.

How am I doing so far? Well if your still reading and haven’t thrown your computer, tablet or phone out of the window in despair then you may have more to do in the coming weeks. But don’t worry there may be photos, video blogs and interviews as well…to allow you to take a break from trying to decipher my babble. So with that, good luck to you and good luck to me as well.

Ta-ta for now.

All the best,


First up, James will be attending Live Theatre’s Live Lab Re-launch Week from Sunday 25 to Friday 30 January. Find out more.


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